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lead management system

lead management system is an important business process that combines tools with techniques to enable effective leads generation, management and tracking of new sales opportunities. leads are considered as raw details of company, person or business opportunity. These are unqualified sales opportunities gathered at various situations, such as trade shows, seminars, advertisements, purchases from external sources and other marketing campaigns for the purpose of sales.

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Retail management solution

Retail management solution increase in the efficiency of the various aspects incorporated in retail industry through the use of retail management software boosts the efficiency of retail companies to increase revenues. This is simply because retail Care has the capacity to reduce the costs, create extra revenue and to streamline as well as optimizing business processes. These systems also offer lots of solutions from POS to logistics, Loyalty to e-commerce, customer services and much more.

when you choose to use retail management software to manage your retail stores, manage your warehouses as well as your business sites, you will save both time and money. This is simply because these systems are fast and also reduce costs to be incurred.

The systems are able to reflect your entire business history through the use of reporting and management tools which are very accurate.

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University management Solution

University management Solution as the Online Based Educational Solution on cutting edge technology of the modern era. University care as its name suggest is not only software to but also a planning tool that will suggest you the best way to do the same task in a better way. This ERP has been implemented in many prominent and reputed colleges. Optimization and resource utilization is the key aspect of any Organization which has the willingness to achieve the best result from the existing infrastructure. Institute management is the biggest challenge for any organization to avail the desired goals, quality and the targets. To overcome above strategies "University Care" introduces a complete decision support system integrating all the department of the institute with a modular approach.

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School management solution

The School management solution being web based can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which enables the students, teachers, parents and the management be in touch with each other at all times. The purpose of this system is to make people life easier. The system database is used to manage the school and allows the administrators to register the daily required information of students, teachers and office staff. Web based school management software application hosted on Cloud. No need to maintain expensive Servers. No need to worry about database backups. No need to keep a person to manage the software in your school.

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Shop care mangement

Shop care management is Billing software for your businesses. With our objectives is to provide our customers with clear & instant insights into the business information about stock, sales, profit/loss, ensuring you make optimal benefits from our software for your business operation.

Features of Shop Care

  • Whether it’s sending invoices, accepting payments or automatically charging clients, ShopCare helps you get your finances out of the way, so you can focus on the important stuff.
  • You can easily get quick invoicing, report, easy time tracking, automated reminders using ShopCare.
  • Easy to use billing/invoicing window. Recall product by product name. Capture customer information or instant customer search, notes or remarks, convert order to bill, capture taxes, mention discounts and more.
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