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In the current scenario, when everyone from a single user to big businesses are completely dependent on technology, excellent IT infrastructure management plays a significant role in an organization’s success.

The IT infrastructure support of any enterprise usually contains composite hardware, software, network resources, and operating systems. Our IT Infrastructure Support Services are designed to safeguard and maintain all of your resources. We at Rannlab, provide reliable, efficient and flexible end-to-end IT Infrastructure support for our clients. Our highly skilled team help our clients with not just their servers, network and operating systems but backup their data as well.

Our dedicated team can offer you the most trustworthy solutions custom-made according to your requirement. Our experienced and expert consultants steer implementation and provide strong support once the implementation is over. Our IT infra support service delivery team follows process-based approach to problem solving, escalation and quality management which enables us to provide efficient and profitable solutions in less time.

We ensure that we not only provide the best IT solutions to your company, but also the guidance required to be competent to self-sufficiently use them to employ enhanced and more effective business strategies. We also help with the incident coordination of your IT infrastructure to ensure that problems are handled before they can cause any actual damage.

Our IT infrastructure services provides you with complete flexibility. We have a plethora of services to offer and you can select the combination that best fit your requirements. Our Infrastructure Management Services Include:

What we do

  • Platform and Network Support Services
  • Hosted Data Centre
  • Network Provision and Maintenance
  • IT Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Support
  • Database and Windows Server Management
  • Upgrades, Patches, and Fixes Management
  • Server Installation and Configuration
  • User Security Management
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