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RannLab Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides customized IT solutions, website design, ERP software development services, Mobile application development, Online Marketing, E-commerce solutions, and many Software products.

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Hosting And Cloud Support

We’re a top website hosting and support services company. On a cloud server (virtual server) that runs on a cloud computing environment providing access.


Rannlab Technologies with its online provisioning and management elastic computing is among the few cloud computing service providers in India and in the world that can deliver the real power of the cloud at your fingertips and Dedicated hosting provider. Cloud Computing offers terrific benefits to enterprises that require to become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape. At Rannlab, our cloud services are designed to assist enterprises in maximizing profits from their cloud investments and facilitating superior digital experience. We continually enhance our Cloud solutions,Affordable dedicated hosting and services and are uniquely positioned as the unchallenged front runners in the Indian Cloud Infrastructure Services space.

Have a Look At Our Various Services:

AWS Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of amazon.com, provides a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. The first AWS offerings were launched in 2006 to provide online services for websites and client-side applications. We offer our clients a complete set of AWS Cloud Services including application performance management, AWS architecture & Infrastructure, AWS account management, Cost & Performance Optimization, Continuous Deployment & Monitoring, Database Tuning, Migration and Security Strategies.


Cloud setup

Our team of expert Cloud Architects will set a complete Infrastructure as a service solution for you. You choose the instances of operating systems, the network resources and the amount of storage, memory and processing power required and we will set it up for you in the stipulated time.

Dedicated Hosting

Get exactly what your business needs with our dedicated cloud hosting services. Choose our dedicated cloud hosting services for higher performance, greater control and increased security. Our dedicated hosting solutions include dedicated servers, multi-cloud connectivity, VMware, databases, storage facilities and secure network infrastructure. We provide greater flexibility where you choose your hardware and software, model and the time limit in which you want your host server to go live. Contact us for a fully managed, single-tenant hosting for the utmost levels of performance and uptime.


I.T. Infrastructure Support


Platform and Network Support Services


Network Provision and Maintenance


Hosted Data Centre


User Security Management


Server Installation and Configuration


Upgrades, Patches, and Fixes Management


Database and Windows Server Management


IT Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Support

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