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RannLab Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides customized IT solutions, website design, ERP software development services, Mobile application development, Online Marketing, E-commerce solutions, and many Software products.

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Now access any of your office location globally with just a smile. Say cheese to RannLab! Time & Attendance Simplified!

In our world, Biometric face recognition is used everywhere. It is an advanced, automated, and sensible identification system that can identify a person by facial features.

The face recognition system is a high-speed and reliable technology.

Welcome to the world of frictionless time and attendance management – say hello to RannLab! Hassle-free, intelligent and foolproof, this facial recognition technology removes the need for any clicks, logins or ID cards. It will take only seconds for any employee to register attendance. It brilliantly simplifies the employee experience and simultaneously solves the problem of tracking and tallying attendance information, plugging revenue leaks for the organization.

Are you bogged down by reams of attendance record, stacks of time and attendance (T&A) data and timesheet irregularities? An outdated attendance system would neither be employee-friendly nor give you insightful data on time. It’s time to overstep these limits and manage attendance the intelligent way. Deliver next-gen employee experience aligned to the changing needs of an organization.

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The face recognition system is a high-speed and reliable technology. This biometric is very safe because it can identify people without any mistakes.
There is a myth about face recognition that can identify the identity of people. This is not true because face recognition can only remember the person and their identity. The system does not invade the privacy of any kind. It is designed to not connect the person’s image to their other accounts or devices.

User Management System


It takes barely 3 seconds to recognize your face and create attendance journal in the payroll system, saving precious man-hours


Automatically scans multiple employees, with 99.8% accuracy in face detection. Faces once recognised are accurately enrolled into the payroll system


RannLab! makes data available in real-time and synchronizes the data without a time-lag. This real-time monitoring helps to optimize workforce and other resources


Integrated with systems like loT sensors, it cannot be scammed easily. RamcoGEEK! works offline too, useful in locations without Internet access


Saving time will lead to an increase in productivity, resulting in reduction of cost (optimal utilization of resources) and an increase in revenue


Readymade integration with Ramco’s Payroll module and other modules as well unlike other time marking systems that require efforts to develop integration components

Advancements In Face Recognition System

Facial recognition technology promises many advantages over existing biometric technologies, including reduced error rates and significantly less cost and training needs than those associated with fingerprinting.


Real Business Impact

Highlights the business key performance indicators and cost data you need to make optimal schedule and cost decisions.


Analytics & Reporting

Analytics lets schedulers and operations executives compare scenarios, publish reports or answer complex questions, turning your operation into a smart, data-driven business.


Modern and Web-based

With a modern user interface that’s easy to use, training won’t take long and work will immediately become more efficient.

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