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Indoor Tracking and Services in the Automotive Industry

Mainly due to the high-quality standards that are demanded in the production cycle, the automotive industry is highly advanced in the adoption of precision automation technology. Indoor positioning is one such technology that has made significant forays into the industry. Dealerships and service centers can also benefit from indoor localization since it helps to make the customer journey as smooth as possible.

Features for the Automotive Sector

Production Proces

Smooth Production Process

Rannlab Technologies span the entire automotive manufacturing chain. They might be utilized for vehicle distinguishing proof and following, quality control underway or resource the executives. A Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) builds fabricating adaptability and empowers access to continuous creation data. An exact following arrangement can take into account a smooth creation procedure and ensure that providing material to the gathering workstations runs easily. Laborers can check whenever whether they are still on time. Automatic calculations determine whether a material supply will be delayed, which makes it possible to initiate countermeasures in due time.

Customer Expercience

Improved Customer Experience

Car dealerships and repair centers will optimize internal processes and client expertise by the employment of an indoor positioning system. If the arrival of an automobile of Associate in Nursing (existing) client is captured, a message may be triggered that's sent to accountable workers UN agency will build preparations to confirm Associate in Nursing optimum consumer expertise.knowledge regarding itineraries and dwell time of shoppers also can be accessed. Thus, it's attainable to work out those days and times are preferred and that cars attract loads of interest.

Technical Implementation

The existing technical infrastructure will directly be employed in several cases. counting on the need, the operator chooses a client-based (the app is critical, positioning via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons and detector fusion, together with a backchannel) or a server-based resolution (no app required; positioning via Rannlab surveyor Nodes; detection of Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth beacons, Ultra-wideband or RFID modules; no backchannel available). High-precision solutions with low latencies will be enforced on the premise of Ultra-wideband (UWB). the utilization of RFID is appropriate for point-specific object identification with high unit numbers. The indoor navigation code by Rannlab will be enforced in existing applications, websites, and hospital info systems. The accuracy is – counting on the technical realization – up to 10 centimeters or less.

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