How does Social Media play an important role in SEO strategy?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation  which involves developing a website that is easy to categorize, find and easy to crawl the web pages. SEO is fundamental to digital marketing strategies. This is an integrated approach to drive customers into your business through the web portal.

SEO is about gaining visibility and getting more people to organically visit your website. social media marketing is about making social networks. When any business goes online, they need to advertising work to get huge traffic. Where social media is also one of the best opportunities for a great deal of free advertising traffic.

Social media does have a “deep” effect on your business. it does also affect your chances to get more audience.

Here are some roles that social media plays in SEO strategy –

Potential for Links
How much you share on social media you will get more audience and it will increase opportunities, people have to see your content and link to it.
Helps Promotion.
To grow any business we have to do more promotions. so, we have focused mostly on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.YouTube is the 2end most-searched search engine.
It aids your brand
if you have a high value of page or domain, it has high authority. It means that if you keep posting high-quality content you always have a better chance of ranking high the rest of average domains.
Brand Engagement
Social media provides a platform to directly converse with your target audience. By doing this, it helps you to understand what are their needs. and how to cater to them quickly. This communication goes a long way and lets you build a strong bond with your audience that pays in the long term.
24×7 Availability
Social media is a powerful feature of involving social networks in SEO strategies. The availability to your target customers means a lot to the customer itself. Your customers often have expectations from their favorite brands to be available round the clock.
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