Why choose digital marketing as a career option?

The most common question faced by today’s youth is which career to opt for and why? I am sure most of the students currently appearing for their intermediate exams or better say the board exams (that’s the name which is more common among us!) might be facing the same dilemma of whether to go for engineering, law, journalism, business profiles, etc. etc. etc!

Among all the non-conventional or not-so-common career options comes Digital Marketing. With the revolution witnessed by the IT industry, digitalization of the workplace is now a common phenomenon. With the advent of this era of digitalization, digital marketing is stealing the limelight. Marketing in itself is a field with great career prospects, but with the addition of the prefix “digital”, both the literary and figurative sense has changed a lot.

Instead of conventional marketing tactics, digital marketing has its own aces. Promotion of any product or service on social media platforms like FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn has proved to be more significant. The statistics of people using social media are huge and thus digital marketing is more effective than door-to-door promotion.

Digital marketing has its own nuances and it includes a vast array of working areas:

  •        Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  •         Social Media Management(SMM)
  •        Search Engine Management(SEM)
  •        E-Mail Marketing
  •        E-Commerce
  •         Business/Marketing Strategy 

If you are a person who has a tinge for digital media as well as business/marketing, then this career option is for you. Provided the demand of digital marketers is more than the supply, people with a background in digital marketing are sought after and also get good pay. So, if you are looking for a challenging career along with some good money in hand then definitely go for it.

Digital marketing is an amalgamation of the digital aspects as well as the commercial prospects of marketing.

At Rannlab, we provide excellent digital marketing services with a team of highly dedicated digital marketing experts. We emphasize on SEO,SMM, PPC (pay per click) ,etc. and our main aim is to market the brand or service digitally with perfection.

So, if you are a student with some prior knowledge of digital marketing then you can join us as an intern or if you are an experienced tech-geek then you can apply as a full-time employee.

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