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Should you register your domain from your web host company?

A company’s website acts as its unique identification and also forms the very first impression among its audience. Once a website is ready to be launched, many backend tasks need to be done. It may be registering and buying a domain, digital marketing nuances and building a strong market presence.

One common question which arises is Should you register your domain from your web host company?

Well, the answer to it depends on an individual perspective, but if we look from a general perspective it is beneficial to register your domain from your web host company! Since, your web host company will be thorough with all the services you provide, practices you undertake and the working culture. There are initial compatibility and understanding with the host and getting the domain registered by them would be beneficial both professionally and personally.

At Rannlab, we have rolled out this new service wherein if we are the web host for a particular client, then we will also be providing the registration of the domain provided the terms & conditions apply.

With a team of domain experts, we cater to our clients to register their domain if they are availing of our web hosting services. It is beneficial for the clients as they do not need to approach any third party for domain registration and can get it done by us!

Rannlab provides a vast array of services including IT services like Web hosting, IT Infrastructure Support, Web Development, mobile application Development, IOT& AI services, digital marketing services and a large number of software products like the Shopcare System, School care System, Busineescare, etc.

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